Being very attuned to her client’s specific real estate
goals, Barbara McMahon is committed to providing them with the finest personal
service and professional representation. 

She takes great care in serving each client with individual attention and
insightful awareness into the critical details of the Greater Everett, Seattle and
Snohomish County real estate market. 

In helping her clients to find their dream home or at the time of selling their
property, Barbara ensures each client is provided with the expertise that meets
their personal objectives.


Through her thoughtful guidance and vision, Barbara
takes great care to educate and advise her clients with an informed assessment
of the current real estate market.  It doesn't matter if the client is a first time buyer or sophisticated investor!

She is extremely attentive and responsive to each client's specific requirements and
is very thorough in providing constant attention and communication regarding
the important details of their transaction. 

Whether it’s establishing a marketing plan, showings for a property, or
a review of the technical points of the transaction, Barbara delivers
impressive results.

Experience and Outcome

Due to her extensive experience with commercial  and residential properties and her personal real estate portfolio, Barbara is uniquely
qualified to advise buyers, sellers and investors on critical and important issues involving their
potential real estate investments, including their first, second or last home.  She
takes great care to analyze the investment potential of each property and
advise her clients as to their specific real estate goals.  You will always feel like you are being advised and never sold!  One of her favorite sayings is, "If I wouldn't buy it myself, I wouldn't advise you too either".

Barbara has been investing in real estate herself over the last 30 years and has consistently upgraded her skills to become a managing broker, home staging professional as well as an SRES, representing the senior community. She can even help you with a landscaping plan!


Her clients trust in Barbara’s integrity, intuition and
expertise.  She is careful and persistent
in covering and clearly anticipating every angle found in the multitude of
details in each transaction.  Her clients  know
her to be highly skillful in negotiating the extensive, contractual components
of the transaction and delivering unparalleled results and winning solutions to
the most challenging negotiations. 

She consistently follows through and is dedicated to providing her clients with exceptional
representation.  She is always extremely
attentive, accessible and responds promptly to her clients. This is why YOU need a good Realtor!  With Barbara, you get more for your money with your listing dollar and more as a buyer because her services are NO CHARGE!

Barbara is truly a dedicated professional who
is very passionate about helping her clients reach their personal real estate goals.  She will even help you establish a long term plan to help you build your own portfolio or move into your dream home!


Contact Barbara to serve you and your personal real estate
interests at 425-218-0707